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We provide one-stop solutions to all finance requirements. We are associated with many financial institutions to cater to the need of corporate, medium scale, small scale industries, service sectors and the retail market. Our concept stems from the realization of five marketplace trends:

  • The corporate segment is currently growing fast and their needs differ as they seek to differentiate from the crowd.
  • Institutions as well as consumers are becoming more technologically savvy and want more need specific solutions.
  • Institutions need suppliers that can provide a wide variety from a single supplier.
  • The presence of distributors/competition while abundant lacks personalization and impact.
  • There is an absence of a single unit that provides a custom made solution of items to institutions i.e. corporate as well as large individual clients at competitive prices with the best quality trying to understand and reach the population.

Taxation services to Corporate Sectors:
Besides general tax advisory services, we deal efficiently with computational and compliance work and lay emphasis on effective tax planning. Arguing matters before Assessing Officer, appellate and Tribunal authorities are all specialties of the practice in the field of Corporate Tax.

Foreign Companies:
The firm provides initial and continuing advice on critical tax matters such as:

  • Issues of Transfer Pricing.
  • Tax planning for expatriates.
  • Implication of Tax on mergers and acquisitions.
  • Advance Tax ruling for areas that can lead to litigation & Losses in future.