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Foreign Trade Forum is the strategic business unit that assists companies globally to enter, evolve and expand in emerging and developed markets through fact-based market analysis with the companies we work. Also it helps organizations in more successful development by delivering business models or sourcing business partners and products.

Foreign Trade Forum is a Firm promoted for providing professional and critical services in Foreign Trade. The services include consultancy in Customs, Goods and Service Tax, Company Law, Income Tax, FEMA, RBI, Licensing and litigation matters related to Foreign Trade. It also includes critical and legal documentation involved in Foreign Trade related matters.

The Firm possesses over 40 years of experience in Foreign Trade. The Firm helps corporate to take right decision at all times in Foreign Trade related matters. The corporate decisions are very important in terms of its financial implications and any wrong decisions in Foreign Trade related matters amounts to huge loss to the company. By availing our guidance and advice, at times, the company can avoid losses. It can also stop getting into litigations and/or financial losses in future.

Presently, the Firm is consultant to various companies which includes national and multinational companies all over India. Presently the Firm has its presence in Pune, Mumbai and Delhi to facilitate the customers for better coordination.

  • How to Start Profitable Export Businesses.
  • Basic Principles of the Export Business.
  • Export of Goods to Expand Your Business Profits.
  • Global Export by Using an Export Trading Company.
  • Export License Guide.
  • How Do Export Procedure Work.
  • The Export Business Defined.
  • India Export Facts and Regulations.
  • The Export Business Explained.
  • Export as a Home Business.

Want Your Own Import Export Business?

  • Getting Import and Export Advice is Essential To Your Success.
  • The Importance of an Import-Export Business Plan.
  • Basics of Import Export.

We are Taking Care of

  • Duties and Taxes Exemption.
  • Inspection and Damage.
  • GST and Duties on India Export & Import.

We do on Projects!

In our project work, we draw on the Firm's extensive practices in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, tax, real estate, antitrust, government regulation, environmental protection, labor and employment, intellectual property, bankruptcy and restructuring, and litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

To find and exploit opportunity to optimize wealth creation resulting from the operational involvement and development of projects and businesses, including those in distress or underperforming.

To provide clients with customized solutions by utilizing a multi-skilled team, averaging off core individuals’ strengths, primarily in the following focus areas:

  • To assist projects in business plan preparation and key-role-player identification to ensure achievable milestones are set and that processes are in place to optimize implementation of project and business processes.
  • To develop bankable projects for project promoters to ensure successful capital raising, closure and implementation of a project.
  • To identify underperforming businesses and provide “hands on” management involvement to deliver value to shareholders and / or other funders.