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Our company is engaged in delivering the most reliable and prompt import-export and Logistics Consultancy for our renowned clients from different segments of industries and trade. For this purpose, the company offers the best available counsel and services pertaining to issues like commodity, tax rates and duties, import and export restrictions, exchange rates, methods of customs clearance, letters of credit, insurance requirements, international shipping and transportation regulations, tariff classifications, concessions, and appraisals by our experts who are highly experienced and qualified in their respective domain

With the most relevant industry knowledge and technical know-how, our expert professionals are engaged in educating the clients with the current rules and regulations. We believe in providing our clients, fast and appropriate solutions and are therefore popular for offering the best consultancy services in the shortest span of time. Further, we ensure our clients to reap the benefits of various exemptions, incentives and assistance provided under the Import-Export Policy. Owing to the in-depth knowledge and expertise acquired while involving ourselves with import and export procedures, we are able to offer our clients practical and result-oriented services.

Material handling
Material handling is a broad area that encompasses virtually all aspects of movements of raw materials, work-in-process, or finished goods within a plant or warehouse. Because an organization incurs costs without adding value each time an item moves or is handled, a primary objective of materials management is to eliminate/minimize handling, wherever possible. That includes minimizing travel distance, bottlenecks, inventory levels, and loss due to waste, mishandling, pilferage, and damage. Thus, by carefully analyzing material flows, materials management can save the organization significant amounts of money.

Supply chain management (SCM)
“Supply Chain” is a system of organization, people, technology, information and resources involved to co-ordinate operations in the entire sequence of actions which lead to the creation and delivery of a service. This becomes feasible through the “Supply Chain Management” which is the process starting from the demand of a service until it is delivered to the end-Customer.

It is this “Supply Chain Management” that we offer by designing, planning and executing the Supply Chain activities with the prime objective of creating maximum advantages for the Customer. In fact, a Customer, who asks us for this service, obtains a good number of advantages some of which are listed below -

  • Saving costs by not being compelled to develop and maintain an in-house organization to handle the process of a “supply chain”.
  • Saving time enabling the Customer to focus on his core strategy and consequently to achieve his business goals more rapidly.
  • Increasing the competition abilities.
  • Improving the overall competences by increasing the performance and efficiency.
  • Assisting the Customer to successfully adapt to the ever-changing Market conditions.